cebra is the Worlds leading B2B booking platform for watersports. Number #1 in windsurfing- and kitesurfing centers.

It connects sport providers and their services with tour operators and clients.
cebra helps you to save lots of time in managing your services and collecting payments.

Now in cooperation with GoWitty Operations Management!


Since 2003 it served already over 160.000 bookings, in 75 centers, 20 countries on 4 continents. It's very easy to use and needs no installation. Just your browser... even on your smartphone!

With cebra 2.0 things get even more simple! Let's take a look...

Cebra + GoWitty 2018
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cebra² - a closer look at the new features & what has changed

first things first - menu & names

  • Rentals are now being called Services as there has always been more than just rentals in cebra (lessons, transfers, rooms etc).
  • Stations are now being called Providers for the same reasons - hotels and transfer suppliers will be covered here too.
  • In addition cebra now also handles Organisations that are the head masters for their (several) stations/providers. They can set services for all or some of their stations at one click.
  • The cebra menu is now on the left (instead of top).
  • Optimized for tablets and smartphones too!

What about my old rentals, rates and bookings?
Don't worry! We will provide a smooth transition.

All your current cebra1.3-datas will be migrated automatically to cebra2.
We will inform you about the date, after that date you will be working with cebra2 automatically.

how does it work?

It's very simple. no installation needed! Cebra is Web-based.
You just need a PC or Mac or Tablet... and your favorite browser (we recommend Chrome, but also Firefox and Edge/Internet Explorer will do the job). That's it. We will provide you with the links to start working.

what does it cost?

cebra is very cost-effective. take a look at the comparisons:

  cebra2 expedia
Registration fee no no no
Set Up / Installation costs no no no
monthly basic fee no no no
commission on realized bookings 0,9 % 12-15% (up to 50%) 12-15% (up to 20%)
commission on cancelled bookings no 12-15% n/a
payment fulfillment for end consumers booking within your website 2,9 % 12-15% (see above) n/a

cebra2 introduction & tutorial video

tutorial video #2 (billing & cebraDirect)

cebra² new features

You are now getting logged in with your facebook, google/gmail or WindowsLive account. 
Just click on the social-web-service you are using (by default we assume your standard email is used in one of these social webservices, otherwise please let us know).
No such account yet? Just register your current email-address once at and you are ready to go!

INSTANCES part 1 (a BIG feature!):
one type of rental/service => many units

This will save you lots of time whenever you have more units of a specific type of service. Before cebra2 you had to enter each rental unit individually, (e.g. 12x board of the same type).
With cebra2, you just enter the amount of units you have available and cebra does the rest...

INSTANCES part 2 (a BIG feature!):
optimized usage of all your services
(yield management).

Especially good in high seasons, cebra2 will take care that all of your services/rentals are being used with the most optimized reservation capacity.

BTW, a yellow booking shows what has been added or modified last.

RATES with periods:
Sell your services for different prices at different times of the year!


Now you can set individual validity periods for each rate!

So each service/rental can have several default rates. cebra2 automatically chooses the first rate where the valid-date matches with the start of the reservation.

Furthermore you can assign different rates for the same period, to use automatically different prices for tour operator and end consumers.


Also each rate can be used in different currencies, like USD or EUR.

PICTURES with Services for cebraDirect!


Now you can add pictures for each service to be shown in cebraDirect.
This makes it easier for your clients to choose what services you are offering!

Service/Rental with Rates & periods at one glance.

The screenshot on the left shows the new datasheet for SERVICES.

You can set the instances,
the valid-date for the service, 
further down you assign the different rates that will be chosen automatically in the given order and according to its valid-dates.
You can change the priority of the rates just by dragging them up or down with your mouse or finger.

Of course you can also add more rates to be chosen later during a reservation in the bookings form.

On the bottom you can see how the same service can be assigned to several stations at once (here: dest1 and dest2).

NEW: Payment & Accounting Info 

You can now handle also all walk-in / on-site payments directly inside the booking.

The Arrivals & Departure lists also include the payment informations so you dont need to worry about missing payments.

NEW: Availability check

Check and see availabilities of all services at a glance on the web and via REST-API.
cebra2 shows you what services can be booked for the desired period.

Connect to other reservations systems easily!

cebra2 provides a fully-featured REST-API for all its services!

You can connect your in-house reservation system directly to cebra, check for availabilities, let you chose and book within 2 clicks. cebra2 will provide a confirmation through the REST-API as well.

You can also automatically update any of your own bookings by that.

Smart Booking Group:
External BookingIDs will be grouped!

Whenever you provide your own booking-ID / reservation tag, cebra2 will be able to match all these bookings, no matter when they have been added.

This SmartGroup feature is also available via REST-API, so you can always verify and update your own bookings inhouse including the cebra2-datas at the same time.

Payment fulfillment for you & your clients

cebraDirect has always been there for your clients... to book your services directly on your own website.


Now we will also handle all their payments!

So next time you receive a booking through your website with cebraDirect, it's already paid! No matter if your client pays by PayPal, creditcard or Sepa-DirectDebit.
We will automatically account and forward the cash to you once a month, or every 2 weeks!




what else?

there are still lots of new features to be coming up, like automatic billing, new statistics, self-administrate access to your centers, customize payment options (downpayment/deposit, voucher codes for discounts) etc.

We are beta-testing and will be glad to receive your feedback on any of the new features! As soon as we are ready to launch, we will inform you!

Happy cebra-ing !